Steps to Install Cabinet Hardware

Installing new cabinet hardware is a great way to bring life back to dingy old cabinets. It can be done as a regular upgrade to tired old cabinets or an added extra flair to a cabinet refinishing job. Learning how to install cabinet hardware is an easy affordable task that will pay off in no time, when you do the job instead of hiring a carpenter.

There are four basics parts to your kitchen cabinet:

Latching mechanism

You can find a hinge to suit any style door from an industrial meat locker to a dainty dollhouse filigreed surface mount hinge. When replacing the hardware, if you want to take the guess work and aggravation out of hanging the doors, look for a set of hinges that match the current screw pattern as well as door swing path. Just because the holes line up doesn’t mean the hinge will work the same way. You might want to buy a couple test hinges first if you aren’t ready to tackle figuring out exactly how to remount the hardware.

The next area is the door opener or knob. You can find these in every style available. If you’re replacing the kitchen cabinet hardware as part of a door refinishing you’ll be able to choose different styles than were on the door before. Simply put some wood putty into the old screw holes as you’re refinishing, sand them down and stain along with the rest of the door. You now have a clean slate to work with. You can choose a single knob that screws through the door to itself or drawer pull type arched handles that will add a bit more beauty to the door.

If you have custom built cabinets you might have roll out drawers. As long as you’re pulling this out for a refurbishment it’s a good time to check the rails and rollers inside the cabinet. If they are worn or not tracking straight go ahead and replace them.

The final area to look at is the latching mechanism. Normally this is the magnet catch that holds the door in place. Chances are your old hard ware will work just fine but if you had problem doors that didn’t close now’s the time to change these parts out. The latching mechanism consists of a small metal plate attached to the door and the magnet mounted inside the frame. Just pick up a few new ones if you need them. They are the last piece of hardware you’ll attach to the door once it’s hung and swinging true. Luckily it’s also the easiest piece to place and adjust.

Now that you know what hardware to shop for just make up a list of everything you need and head out to the home store. How to install cabinet hardware starts with the basics of knowing what to replace. All you need are the new hinges, handles or knobs, and replacement rollers and catches. In no time you’ll have a remodeled kitchen that looks brand new for much, much less than if you tackled an entire cabinet replacement project.